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Quality systems

Quality systems

M&C has the ISO 9001 listing, which includes design and development for standard (safe), flame proof and spark proof motors and enclosures.

This quality system is fully implemented throughout our processes to ensure customer requirements and local and international standards are complied with.

M&C uses a custom designed and computerised MRP system (called MotoMan™) in order to control and measure the production process throughout the manufacture and repair process. This includes logistics, procurement, failure reports, stores, root cause analysis, estimating, costing, customer feedback reports, etc.

M&C strives to maintain world class manufacturing principles.

As part of our ongoing improvement processes we have dedicated customer technical committees which continuously evaluate electric motor operation and failures in order to improve products and reduce total cost of ownership.

All document systems and procedures are controlled through a business systems database.

One of our strategic advantages is our ability to monitor on-site conditions in safe as well as flame proof areas. We can continuously monitor the following: Voltage, current, power, power factor, speed, vibration, humidity, temperature, etc., thus improving our understanding of the customer’s plant and the operating conditions of the equipment. This information can then be utilised to improve existing repairs as well as future upgrades to new motors.