Ovens: Drying/Burn-off/Curing

Ovens: Drying/Burn-Off/Curing

Critical equipment to ensure quality, improve efficiency and reduce cost:

M&C has numerous dedicated ovens for burn-off, drying and curing.

Some features of the main burn-off oven:

  • Our curing oven has a unique rotational cure facility, which is utilised when it is beneficial to the curing process
  • Flux and watt loss core tests conducted before and after burn-out
  • Process monitored and graphically recorded for each product
  • Burn-out temperature maintained at 360 º C
  • Oven is equipped with a water quenching system
  • Each core thermocouple setting in monitoring system includes protection against overheating, activating the water fine mist system

M&C’s range of ovens includes dedicated ovens just for curing and others just for drying out after washing. Each facility has a selection of ovens for the three processes of burning off, drying and curing.