Coil Manufacturing

Coil Manufacturing

Whatever your coil manufacturing requirements, M&C has the experience and expertise to deliver. As leaders in the manufacturing of coils for AC electric motors, AC alternators, DC generators, DC motors and traction motors, M&C’s coil department manufactures high quality coils for armature winding companies and end users according to their specific needs.


The M&C coil manufacturing facility is a pressurised and temperature controlled environment for the manufacture of high specification coils. The manufacturing process does not start until slot and/or coil dimensions have been verified and insulation systems have been fully specified and checked. Copper is then drawn to the correct size using a custom-designed rolling system – which allows you the flexibility to customise according to your needs.


The copper conductors are then covered using specified or preferred insulation, whether that may be KaptonTM, Polyester, Polyester Mica, Polyester Glass or Polyamide. The conductors are then looped and formed according to your required design. Throughout the process sample coils are manufactured and used in physical comparison checks to be used in conjunction with the slot gauges and quality procedures. These strict quality control measures ensure only the highest level of quality is accepted. The entire process is streamlined to cater for specific jobs, ensuring speed of execution while maintaining the high quality you demand.

The range of products includes:

  • Pre-formed coils for electric motors and generators
  • Armature coils for all types of DC motors and generators
  • Field, inter-pole and damper windings for DC field frames
  • All other materials required to make up a complete winding kit including connection insulation, magnetic or non-magnetic wedges, temperature monitoring devices and cables