DC & AC Traction Motors

DC & AC Traction Motor Service, Repairs and Maintenance

M&C’s specialised DC & AC traction motor repair, maintenance & services:

  • Substantial in-house stock of traction-specific insulation materials, copper, bearings and other components, in order to reduce turnaround time on repairs
  • Design verification and optimisation of insulation systems
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) of DC armatures, fields and inter-pole coils, using a DobeckanTM polyester-based resin specifically designed for DC machines
  • Re-engineering of existing coil designs to accommodate the latest insulation technology and improve performance and reliability
  • Specialised AC traction materials and processes
  • Dedicated DC and AC machine design software for thorough assessment of any motor prior to rewinding
  • Each DC motor, generator or traction motor is also thoroughly tested in our advanced DC test facility with full load testing capability

DC test facility capabilities:

  • Up to 600 kW full load mechanical testing using an eddy current dynamometer, enabling us to determine a machine’s exact performance under various load conditions
  • Black band test
  • Drop test
  • Comparator test
  • Polarity test