Low Voltage AC Motors & Generators

Low Voltage AC Motors & Generators Repairs and Maintenance

M&C repairs the most low voltage motors in Africa. Our low voltage workshops cater for the following types of machines:

Our facilities include a workshop equipped with a computer aided data verification system ensuring motors and generators are rewound to the most advanced specifications. We have a fully equipped mechanical workshop and micro welding department, as well as test facilities that cater for all routine tests.

Scraper Winch Motors

Calibrated equipment is used in the assembly department such as bearing heaters and torque wrenches to ensure that bolts are fastened to the specified torque settings. M&C has also designed the 55 kW MAC 200 motor and 37 kW motor specifically for African conditions.

Vibrator Motor Repairs

Vibrator motors are specialised motors. M&C has the necessary skills in order to repair vibrator motors to the highest standard. The specifications regarding the bearings, shaft and housing tolerances are vastly different from normal motors. To ensure that vibrator motors have been correctly assembled, M&C load tests all vibrator motors on a specialised test bed.

Axial Vent Fan Repair & Refurbishment

This department undertakes the repair and refurbishment of axial vent fans. The fans are tested on the most modern state of the art conical inlet test column, ranging from 305 mm to 1016 mm. Full speed balancing of fans is carried out. Computer generated performance test reports accompany all repaired fans.

Pump Rewinding & Refurbishment

M&C’s pump department undertakes the rewinding and refurbishment of all makes and models of pumps for the mining and industrial sectors, including centrifugal, submersible and vertical spindle pumps.

To ensure that each repaired unit meets the performance criteria, M&C conducts a complete pump performance test which measures the flow rate against the head. This is then compared with the OEM’s standards to ensure that each unit leaving the factory is within the original design specifications. A test certificate is issued for each pump that M&C repairs.