Generators, alternators and turbines

Generators, Alternators and Turbines Repairs and Maintenance

The M&C power generation team has a history of providing quality aftermarket services in the power generation sector both locally and internationally, with extensive experience in the public and private power generation industry. This power generation division is amongst the best skilled aftermarket service providers in Africa.

M&C Power Generation is housed in a 14000 m² facility in Benoni (South Africa). The facility includes 80 ton overhead crane capacity and two pressurised clean-condition rewind facilities. The M&C power generation division provides aftermarket services for power generators – and motor-generators – up to 373 MVA, and larger on site. We also manufacture and repair various types of stator and rotor coils, and act as independent third party advisors to any of the abovementioned services in supervisory or quality control roles. M&C is the leader in generator repair for the private sector.

Electrical power generation repair services:

Mechanical power generation repair services:

On-site rotor repair services:

On-site stator repair services:

Engineering improvements:

M&C’s ultimate goal is to provide customers with a range of engineering design improvements to improve the long term reliability and dependability of their equipment. In order for this to be effective a partnership is required. All engineering improvements are the result of close co-operation between M&C and our customers.

Repairs are thoroughly investigated, in order to:

1. Failure analysis:

Detailed failure analysis is required before engineering improvements can be proposed:

2. Engineering design reporting:

Detailed reports are compiled and issued – including: