Our transformer division consists of the transformer coil winding facility, capable of winding coils up to 7.5 MVA.

Full test facilities to perform all routine tests:

  • Insulation resistance
  • Voltage ratio and polarity
  • High voltage withstand test
  • Induced over voltage (inter-turn test)
  • Losses and impedance

A dedicated team backed up with extensive resources:

  • A skilled and experienced transformer team
  • The best quality materials and workmanship

A fully mobile site services team collects, samples and analyses transformer oil samples via an independent SABS registered laboratory. The oil analysis results are used to make recommendations about further on-site maintenance, repairs or oil purification or replacement.

M&C Rustenburg has a 24/7 transformer field service department that can offer the following services:

Transformer oil sampling:

  • Reliable on-site oil sample collection and management
  • Oil sample testing and analysis by a SABS accredited laboratory
  • Sample testing for:
  • Dielectric strength
  • Moisture content
  • Acidity
  • Dissolved gasses
  • PCB testing with supply of labelling
  • Furanic testing (degradation of insulation)
  • All other testing requirements on transformer oil sampling
  • Managed results that are stored for future referencing and analysis
  • Detailed assessment reports on the transformer condition (oil leaks, paint condition and recommended repairs)
  • Feedback (records and reports) to customers in hard copy and electronically
  • On-site cleaning and painting of transformers
  • On-site transformer repair services including:
  • Transformer oil purification
  • Transformer oil replacement
  • Gaskets and oil seal replacement
  • Repair of oil leaks