Products & Services

M&C’s offerings cover full on- and off-site electro-mechanical services on: power generation equipment, medium and low voltage AC and DC motors, transformers and coil manufacture, as well as the full range of engineering, testing, diagnostics, balancing and maintenance services.


24/7 On-site Engineering Services

M&C offers a wide range of proactive, reactive and predictive maintenance services on-site, minimising your downtime and helping you maintain or improve productivity.


Generators, Alternators and Turbines

We provide quality aftermarket services in the power generation sector both locally and internationally and has extensive experience in the public and private power generation industry.

High & Medium Voltage AC Motors & Generators

High & Medium voltage AC Motors & Generators

M&C is the proven expert in high & medium voltage AC motors & generators.

Specialised design and manufacture of new machines and components

DC & AC Traction Motors

M&C has over 50 years experience and therefore you can be assured that your DC motors, generators and all AC and DC traction motors are in the hands of experts.

Flameproof Greyborder

Flameproof Motors

  • Manufacture and repair of all flameproof motors
  • AC and DC motors
  • Hazardous area certification zone 1 & zone 2


Low Voltage AC Motors & Generators

Our facilities include a work shop equipped with a computer aided data verification system ensuring motors and generators are rewound to the most advanced specifications.

Transformer Coil Winding


Our transformer division consists of the transformer coil winding facility, capable of winding coils up to 7.5 MVA. A fully mobile site services team that collects, samples and analyses transformer oil samples via an independent SABS registered laboratory.

Turbo Machines

Mechanical Capabilities

M&C with subsidiary Actom Turbo Machines are the leading service providers of turbomachinery and high-speed rotating equipment services, offering comprehensive workshop and site services to the petrochemical, mining, steel, and power generation industries in South Africa, Africa and internationally


Coil Manufacturing

Manufacturing of coils for AC electric motors, AC alternators, DC generators, DC motors and traction motors, M&C’s coil shop manufactures high quality coils for armature winding companies and end users according to their specific needs.